Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sinner Man + Copic Fun + Head Injuries

So we have from top to bottom: Ghost, Poltergeist, Catalyst, and Edwin. Edwin is a sad-sack of a priest who knows Mora very, very well, and just remembering her is enough to make him even more of a sad-sack. The Poltergeist is one nasty-ass badass, and the lighter is there because Catalyst is a pyro-phobe. 
 Just a bunch of copic doodles I did when it was cold and rainy outside, and I liked how they turned out. And pfffft, Kanye reference. I'm such a dork. But anyone who pays homage to Akira in a  music video is okay by me.

 So, this is just a quick joke comic I did, but also a bit of a preview as to the way the comic will kind of look
(and she totally was; she has no right to deny it).

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